Hut Floor Recording: Short contract

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Hut Floor Archaeological Inspection



INTRODUCTION: Amafa/Heritage/Erfenis KwaZulu Natal is the provincial heritage agency appointed in terms of the KZN Heritage Act. Amafa has under its management several archaeological sites where traditional beehive huts have been reconstructed over original hut floors. These hut floors are covered by Geotex and sterile sand to protect them. Yearly inspections of the condition of the hut floors are required.


As such the Archaeology Section of Amafa will conduct these inspections.


The inspections will include:


- Visual inspection of covered hut floor

- Removal of sand & Geotext

- Inspection of the condition of the Geotex

- Cleaning of the exposed hut floors, using standard archaeological techniques

- Sieving for artefacts

- Photography of cleaned hut floors

- Covering of hut floors with Geotex and sterile sand

- Development of operation guidelines

- Accessioning of collected artefacts in the Archaeology Collection

- Writing of report

- Staff training



  • Geotex is budgeted for elsewhere

  • Transport

  • S&T

Time frame. This project is listed in the Annual Performance Plan for the Professional and Research Section of Amafa for the current financial year, and as such, the inspections should the completed end-March 2017 for perusal.