Heritage Contract: Photographic Survey Ladysmith Public Memorials

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INTRODUCTION: Amafa AkwaZulu Natali is the provincial heritage agency appointed in terms of the KZN Heritage Act. It is responsible for, inter alia, maintaining the database of Public Memorials and Statues.


Amafa is embarking on a program of updating its databases. As part of this program Amafa requires the detailed photographic recording of Public Memorials and Statues in Ladysmith.


As such we are inviting suitable persons to apply to do the following:



  1. PHOTOGRAPHTHEPUBLICMEMORIALSANDSTATUESIN LADYSMITH: To provide Amafa with quality professional photographs of each memorial or statue in both hard and digital copies.

  2. GPSCOORDINATES: To provide Amafa with a comprehensive document that includes the GPS coordinates of each memorial or statue. These coordinates must also be represented in a map format.

  3. LIAISEWITH LADYSMITH MUNICIPALOFFICIALS: As co-user of this database and managers of many of these sites the successful applicant will be required to regularly liaise with applicable municipal officials.


A detailed report, along with the database must be drafted and handed to Amafa on completion of the project.


The successful applicant will also be required to populate additional information into SAHRIS.


Amafa strives to contribute towards skills upliftment and professional development. This project is seen as an ideal vehicle for newly graduated persons to achieve this.


Closingdate: 6 July 2017




Annie van de Venter-Radford

Deputy Director: Research and Professional Services

Amafa/Heritage KwaZulu-Natal

PO Box 2685



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