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INTRODUCTION: Amafa AkwaZulu Natali is the provincial heritage agency appointed in terms of the KZN Heritage Act. It is responsible for, inter alia, the management and promotion of heritage resources in the Province. The site under investigation is suggested to be the first house built by Daniel Lindley in 1858.


Painting of the Mission house built by Daniel Lindley in 1858


The Rev. Daniel Lindley and his wife, Lucy, came to South Africa in 1835, as one of six couples sent by the ABM to start mission work in the country. Working at first in what is today the North-West Province, the Lindleys joined the Grout and Champion families who had opened ABM stations in Natal. By 1847 the Lindleys had established themselves near Chief Mqhawe’s kraal in the Inanda area to work among the Ngcobo people who had been dispossessed of their land and threatened with massacre by King Dingane’s impis. Other Zulu clans also moved into the area and were settled in “reserves” that extended from the Tugela River in the north to the Umzimkulu River in the south under the protection of the colonial government.


In 1869 Lindley and the other missionaries opened a school to train girls to be teachers and “good wives” for the young men being trained at Adams College in Amanzimtoti. The AMB voted 50 pounds to the project and Inanda Seminary opened as a boarding school with 19 girls being admitted initially. Situated 25 kilometres north west of Durban, it became the first secondary school exclusively for African girls in southern Africa. Its reputation grew rapidly and the school soon attracted students from across the continent. Mary Kelly Edwards, a 40-year-old widow from Ohio, was appointed as the first principal of the Inanda Seminary, continuing her association with the school until she died at the age of ninety-eight. In 1873 the Lindley family, with the exception of one daughter who remained at Inanda as a teacher, left the Mission after establishing the Inanda Seminary, a church and several “kraal schools”. These were entrusted to the Rev. James Dube, half brother of Chief Mqhawe and father of Dr John L Dube (who established the Ohlange School a short distance away from Inanda in 1901).


The site is located about 12km along the road from Inanda to Ndwedwe.


Amafa is inviting suitable professionals to provide us with a cost for project managing and auctioning as lead archaeologist for the following:



  1. Phase 1 archaeological survey and documentation of Lindley’s house and surroundings: To provide Amafa with a well surveyed and map layout of the site to recognized archaeological standard, hard and digital copies.

  2. Condition assessment of a grave on the site: To provide Amafa with a comprehensive document.

  3. Archaeological investigation: To conduct suitable excavations to assist in the understanding of the site.


A detailed report to be drafted and handed to Amafa on completion of the project.


The service provider is also required to populate the data into SAHRIS.


The document will be made available to Amafa in both hard and electronic copy.


Pricing. Interested services providers will provide costing for the project which will include details in respect of:

  1. Professional fees;

  2. Transport;

  3. Subsistence;

  4. Accomodation;

  5. Subcontracts;

  6. An indication of timeframe, delivery milestones and payment schedule.


The service provider will disclose any other funding received and/or used for this project, along with the particulars of all parties participating.


Time frame. This project is listed in the Annual Performance Plan for the Professional and Research Section of Amafa for the current financial year, and as such, the final reports should the lodged with Amafa by end-December 2017 for perusal.


Intellectual Property. While data collected by the project will be supplied to Amafa, it remains the property of the contractor to be used by the contractor in whatever format. The contractor will undertake to recognize the contribution of Amafa whenever this data is made public.


Amafa Staff Input This project is a joint project with Amafa where staff will form part of the project team. Logistical expenses for the member of staff will be covered by Amafa.


Closing date: 6 July 2014




Annie van de Venter-Radford

Deputy Director: Research and Professional Services

Amafa/Heritage KwaZulu-Natal

PO Box 2685



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