Farewell Square

Farewell Square (also sometimes referred to as Luthuli Square) was named after Lieutenant Francis Farewell who was instrumental in the decision to establish a permanent trading post in Port Natal (Durban) and persuading a number of white settlers to join him. The square is located just west of the City Hall on ground which was part of Durban’s market square and apparently where Farewell originally set up his camp. The square is comparatively small yet it includes more monuments than any other space in South Africa.


Among the statues on display are those of Queen Victoria, John Robinson, the first Prime Minister of Natal, and of Harry Escombe, who succeeded him. Also in the square are a Boer War memorial and a Cenotaph honouring the dead of the two world wars. The cenotaph was erected in 1926 as a result of the delay experienced in the delivery of the pottery components from Britain. It is very interesting in that its bright colour and sunburst motif gives a very strong hint of the Art Deco boom that was to sweep the world a few years later, with Durban being no exception.