Sastri College

Sastri College in Winterton Walk was established in 1929 as an indirect result of the Cape Town Agreement between the South African and Indian Governments The agreement ranged over many issues including the voluntary repatriation to India of Indians living in South Africa, and the upliftment of those choosing to remain in South Africa. One of the provisions of the agreement was that the Indian Government was to be represented in South Africa by an Agent-General and the first of these, Srinivasa S. Sastri, arrived in June 1927.


The South African Government was committed by the agreement to the upliftment of the Indian community and Sastri, in order to prove that Indians were willing to contribute as well, began to collect funds from them to build an institute of higher education. In four months, he had collected £18,000 and the college was built and opened in October 1929 by the Earl of Athlone, the Governor-General of South Africa. Sastri College has two storeys and was designed in the Berea style of the Union architectural period, with hipped tile roof, arches and arcades. The institution functioned both as a secondary school and a teacher training college.