Ulundi Battlefield

The Battle of Ulundi took place on July 4, 1879 after the British forces crossed the iMfolozi River as they marched on the Zulu capital Ondini. Today the site is marked by a stone monument that pays tribute to the Zulu and British soldiers who fell during the short but pivotal battle.


The British marched in a hollow square formation and halted on a low hill just 3 kilometres from Ondini. Their force of 5124 troops included 958 black volunteers was confronted by several Zulu regiments numbering around 15000 men.


The 12 artillery pieces and two Gatling guns of the British cut through the Zulu advance and after half an hour the Zulu forces retreated, allowing the British to march on Ondini. On reaching the capital the British set fire to the many buildings forcing King Cetshwayo to flee and seek refuge in Ngome forest.


Two months after the battle the king was captured and exiled to the Cape.